Site-specific contemporary dance

Everything is danceable

It is a dance performance, created on the spot.

On, for and with each specific location.

Each performance is to be developed from scratch, every time.

This process takes place one day in advance, on location.

Each creation is formed through use of improvisation techniques, inspired by the location and a possible theme. At the helm is Femke Luyckx, in collaboration with the dancers.

The possibilities are endless:

With few or many dancers. In to small or to big spaces. Under bridges, in water or on a pier.

In an empty room or between dining tables. In a garden, on a balcony.  In a misty field,

at the crack of dawn.. With or without a theme.

It doens’t matter where or when.

Everything is danceable.

deladanse is a dance project by the company Originally Fake.

Developed by Belgian dancer/ choreographer Femke Luyckx.